• August 9, 2010

Links to Isle of Man based financial institutions were recently highlighted in a BBC Newsnight investigation into Football match-fixing.

The World Football governing body Uefa was reported to have its Disciplinary Unit working with German Police on the biggest investigation ever into the rigging of games.

The scandal is believed to involve hundreds of matches across Europe – from
Champions League qualifiers to domestic cup and league games – suspected match fixers are being held in jail.

Although there is no link yet to English Premier League games German police believe many of the bets on fixed games were placed through a London office.

Over a million pounds of `winnings’ from a suspect in the enquiry were held in a Manx account and banking documents in which the words `Isle of Man’ were clearly identifiable in the Newsnight report.

Newsnight web report here (story also available on iplayer):


J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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