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Adrian Cain has forwarded us a press statement about a new documentary by BBC (NI) on the Manx Language which has won a ‘prestigious’ award.

Presumably the documentary made in 2014 has been broadcast already but it would be useful if Adrian could obtain details of any further scheduling for it – which we can publicise.

BBC(NI) is available, in the west of the IOM on Freeview from Divis it is also available on Freesat (Free to air).

It is to be hoped that a copy of this documentary will be obtained and archived. These type of programmes are easily lost. Celtic League have still not been able to get a copy of the 25 min documentary made by iconic Irish film maker Bob Quinn in the 1980s called, ‘Oileán Mannan’, part of the Cinegael or Aisling Gheal series for RTE, despite several requests.

The Bob Quinn documentary contains interviews with many people active in the Manx language movement at a time (late 70s/80s) when it was emerging from the shadows but before the substantial government investment that has taken us to where we are today.

For now it seems ‘Oileán Mannan’, is lost in the bowels of the RTE Archives!

Anyway here is the text of Adrian’s release:

“A BBC NI documentary about Manx Gaelic won at the prestigious Phonographic Performance Ireland (PPI) Awards in Galway on Friday night. These are effectively the Irish Radio Awards and features work from RTE, BBC and TG4.

The documentary called ‘Muidne agus na Manannaigh’ (Us and the Manx) was produced by Jenny Goggin and Treasa Bhreathnach from the Irish language department at BBC Ulster. It was recorded on the Island in May 2014 and won in the ‘Best Irish Language’ category.

The documentary looks at the history of Manx Gaelic and its recent revival. There are contributions from Brian Stowell, Adrian Cain, Phil Gawne and others many of whom are interviewed in Irish as well as Manx for the programme. The documentary received a positive reaction in the Irish-speaking world whilst it was judged the best documentary because,

‘ The judges learned so much which brought them on a journey. Well produced insight, valuable documented piece.’

Treasa Bhreathnach, from BBC Ulster commented that,

‘I and my colleague Jennifer Goggin, are absolutely delighted to have been awarded the 2015 PPI “Craoltóireacht le Gaeilge”. It was a very competitive category and was a huge honour for us to be nominated, never mind to win! It was a such a pleasure to spend time on the island, and there’s no doubt that I will be back for a visit.’

Adrian Cain, the Manx Language Development Officer for Culture Vannin commented, ‘that there is a growing awareness of the successes of the language revival here and this is attracting a good deal of positive PR for the Island from a wide-range of media outlets. It’s very rewarding to have been involved with this award winning production’.”

You can get more information about the programme from Adrian Cain at:



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