• January 10, 2020

“Likewise the murderers that destroyed Illiam Dhone,
Their houses, their land, and their names passed away ;
For they melted away, like hoarfrost at night ;
And thy death, Illiam Dhone, ’tis that breaks our heart !”

Sticking with Illiam Dhone because its getting to that time of year.

The image shows the weather beaten marker tablet at the site of his execution by firing squad Hango Hill near Ronaldsway which coincidentally had been his home.

Dhone was executed on January 2nd 1663 and is buried in Malew Church where an anniversary service generally is held after the nationalist commemoration at ‘the Hill’.

The ruined building at Hango Hill although providing a forlorn backdrop to the site these days is unrelated to the events of the Manx Rising or the death of Illiam Dhone having been erected many years later

Video here (produced by Culture Vannin) with the late great Mona Douglas singing the tribute to Illiam Dhone.

“As dty vaase, Illiam Dhone, te brishey nyn gree!
(And thy death, Illiam Dhone, ’tis that breaks our heart!)”


The full ballad (with translation) can be found here;


Image: Screen shot from one of a number of extensive video records of Illiam Dhone commemorations that can be found via a search on MTTV

Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (20 December 2019)

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