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The autobiography of a founding member of the Celtic League will be launched this summer in Ireland to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the organisation.

`La Maison’ in Connemara’ by Yann Fouéré will be launched at The Station House Theatre, Clifden, Co Galway on 3rd July, with further plans for it to be launched at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth later in the year. The autobiography is set in the three Celtic countries of Breizh (Brittany), Cymru (Wales) and Éire (Ireland), where Mr Fouéré each spent varying amounts of time.
Mr Fouéré first moved to Cymru from Breizh where he sought refuge after the war, along with many other Breton nationalists, before settling in Connemara, Éire.

In the book Mr Fouéré describes his life in the Celtic countries where he lived, but focuses on his life in Connemara where he built up a lobster and crayfish business and built a house for his family. The press notice with the book reads:

“This is a fundamental document on a part of history that is still often misunderstood. The author, Yann Fouéré, has written with much attention to detail and portrays a great love of Connemara and its people, and this book has been painstakingly translated from the original French by his daughter Rozenn Fouéré Barrett. Yann Fouéré celebrates his 101st birthday in Brittany this

For readers who are interested in reading more about this period of history,`Fugitive Ireland: European minority nationalists and Irish political asylum, 1937 – 2008′ by Daniel Leach was published in 2009 and highlights how many Breton nationalists were given temporary or permanent refuge in Ireland.

Yann Fouéré is only one of two founding members of the Celtic League who are still alive, Seamus Filbin from Scotland being the other member.

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