• August 26, 2016


‘Every year thousands of containers are lost overboard from container ships. On this one Maersk vessel alone over 500 containers were lost’.
Eddie Power who runs the Crown Dependency News site is back of its hols so the Manx Social Media equivalent of the ‘Financial Times’ is back in business with an eclectic mix of articles.
He was carrying this one today about shipping company Maersk, or more accurately one aspect of its vast operation (link):
I wasn’t particularly surprised at the story about downsizing in the offshore oil supply area as with the glut of world oil places like the North Sea have been in trouble for a while.
It did get me thinking though about what Maersk and other conglomerates who are the giants of the shipping container business are doing to our seas.
Every year thousands of containers are lost overboard from container ships. On this one Maersk vessel alone over 500 containers were lost (link):
The CNN article suggests as many as 10,000 a year are lost others say it’s a more conservative 2000. I’m not sure what levy is charged or if it can be charged at all for all this detritus the big container shipping companies are losing it just seems appalling that this is being allowed to continue.
At one time the only reason ships lost cargo was when the ship sank because most cargo was stowed below timber boats were the exception. Now container ships stack the potential steel floating debris ever higher.
All round the coasts of the British Isles and Europe there are voluntary groups like the beach buddies we have in Mann cleaning beaches and yet at the same time multi-nationals like Maersk are making a right tip of the world’s oceans.
Note it says in the CNN story that despite the danger hazard and pollution these containers can cause:
“There is no requirement on shipping lines to report container losses to the International Maritime Organization or other international body, so no one seems to know how many containers are lost at sea every year.”
Its past time that there was the IMO stopped ‘sitting on its thumbs’ and ensured that shipping containers stay where they should be and don’t come of a ship until it reaches port! Additionally, despite the fact there is no regulation as yet would it be too much to ask Maersk and there ilk to behave more responsibly?
The oceans belong to the people of this planet not Maersk and the other shipping firms with their chequered record in relation to this form of pollution!
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