• February 6, 2018

Its ‘book year’ for me and hardly have I put down Lorca’s ‘Gypsy Ballads’ which arrived this morning than another worthy offering presents itself courtesy of an Irish Times Review – at this rate another bookshelf may be needed.

I’m familiar with the Welsh community of Patagonia indeed the League have a branch in the Province. However the Irish community is something of an enigma up to now I have adhered to the romanticised narrative. The Irish Times change that they carry a review of the Irish diaspora in Argentina a story which is both momentous and at times troubling:


I’m familiar with Che Guevara’s Irish antecedents but apparently it’s something that the Irish/Argentine community don’t ‘big up’. Now I know why.

I’m also familiar with the story of the two French Nuns and their terrible fate at the hands of the Junta.

This is a narrative that follows a different path to that of the romanticised version of Admiral William Brown and Father Fahy immortalised by ‘Charlie and the Bhoys’ in the song Las Islas Malvinas Argentina (link):


I want to to know more
Another sale for Amazon. Why are these books so expensive!

Image: Guevara a socialist link from the Argentine to Ireland

Bernard Moffatt
pp Celtic League



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