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In a press release about further change to work permit rules on the Isle of Man several Ministers are quoted saying that the changes will be beneficial. Some Manx people may beg to differ as ‘CONTROL OF EMPLOYMENT LEGISLATION’ is seen by most Isle of Man workers, both indigenous and those who have completed the 5 year qualification stint, as an important safeguard.

Interestingly, one of the Ministers quoted the Minister for Health and Social Care, Howard Quayle MHK, said:

‘There is intense competition across the world to attract skilled and appropriately qualified health and social care professionals, especially nurses, midwives and social workers. As a result, recruiting adequate numbers of staff is an ongoing challenge for the Department of Health and Social Care. This new exemption is a welcome development as it will help us to attract the health and care professionals we need.’

Strangely just recently the Health services ‘recruited’ some off Island ‘high calibre professional’ health services talent in the form of Mark Charters its former CEO.

Minister Quayle has still to explain how and why Mr Charters had to depart from his post suddenly and without explanation just one year in to the job and after both the CEO and Minister had returned from a costly fact finding mission to New Zealand.

Probably the biggest impediment to recruitment of health staff into the UK (and thence on into the IOM) is the tightened immigration law operated by the UK Conservative government which makes it very difficult for staff from outside the EU to access the health service labour pool. Quayle and his colleagues have no influence over that

Also the Economic Development Minister, Laurence Skelly, commenting on the decision to water down protection for Isle of Man workers says:

‘These changes will also benefit organisations in the private and third sectors to attract the skilled health professionals they require to deliver effective care services on the Island.’

Many Manx workers will wonder why Minister Skelly does not devote more time to protecting Manx workers jobs rather than making life easy for the Manx governments chums in the private sector.

The changes to work permits and the Charters departure should be the subject of thorough analysis by the Manx media – but Manx people will not be holding their breath for any investigative insight from that quarter!

Health Services on the Isle of Man have been filling posts from off Island for decades without problems and work permit legislation has not impeded the ability of posts to be filled. This latest move is both damaging and suspect!
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