• June 18, 2015


Once again the agenda of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), or the English Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) as it is sometimes known in the Celtic Nations, has fallen under the spotlight.

Having played a rather dubious role as a broadcaster during the Scottish Referendum and subsequent Westminster General Election in Scotland, with some of the practises of previous and even current stars very much in the spotlight and with ‘whistle-blowers’being apparently victimised, the discredited broadcaster has now continued with its imperialist agenda and caused upset in Wales.

During a recent broadcast of a quiz show appropriately entitled ‘Pointless’ a question was posed to a contestant asking her to name a capital city beginning with the any of the letters C, I, T, or Y.

The contestant answered ‘Cardiff’ to have her answer rejected by a large red cross on the screen, then to be told that she was incorrect and that Cardiff was not a capital city nor was Wales a country!

The producer of the show, a BBC lick-spittle called Richard Osman, went on to explain that for the purposes of his programme, Scotland and England weren’t countries either.

There followed a heated exchange of views on ‘Twitter’ where Osman defended the stand adopted by his programme although under a barrage of protest, backed down.

It was too late then though, for the damage had been done.

Wales has its own rugby and football teams, a National Library, an anthem, a language, a flag and, since 1999, its own National Assembly. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) list of the subdivisions of the UK, compiled by British Standards and the UK’s Office for National Statistics, uses ‘country’ to describe Wales. Indeed BBC Wales describes itself as ‘the National broadcaster for Wales”!

Perhaps it is no wonder that record numbers of viewers are turning their back on the BBC and failing to pay the BBC tax otherwise quaintly known as the ‘TV Licence’, which is collected in by a private company with no statutory powers, outsourcing giant ‘The Capita Group Plc’, whilst more are waking up to the fact that the BBC is well past its best and is hopelessly out of touch in these twilight years of the cobbled together ‘United Kingdom’.

Current estimates indicate that a million households choose other forms of entertainment rather than paying an outdated tax to a bloated organisation with a £5 billion per annum income. It is further estimated that 5.5% of the population evade paying the licence fee whilst continuing to watch live television.

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(This article submitted to Celtic News by AGS Mike Chappell)

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
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