• January 10, 2020

Its sixty one year ago this month that the Irish novelist, playwright and non academic historian Dorothy Macardle died. She is perhaps most noted for her 1937 ‘The Irish Republic’ a narrative on the War of Independence frequently cited.

The Irish Times has a review on a new work on Macardle at this link;


Originally imprisoned as a supporter of Sinn Fein during the Civil war between the Free State and the Republicans Macardle later joined Fianna Fail. Macardle is often seen as a eulogist (hagiographer even) for De Valera’s views and indeed the two were close (on her death royalties from ‘The Irish Republic’ were left to him).

However she diverged from his views in several key areas not least on the decision by Fianna Fail when in government to continue the patriarchal policies of the first Free State government. Macardle a former member of Cumann na mBan obviously didn’t see herself as ‘resting by a cosy fireside’ after the rebellion or ‘dancing at the crossroads’ in the utopia of De Valera’s dreams.

The new work should give a fresh insight to and interesting woman in interesting times!

Bernard Moffatt, Assistant General Secretary Celtic League (4 December 2019)

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