• October 18, 2018

I can exclusively reveal that Alf Cannan the Manx Treasury Minister is planning ‘a giveaway budget’ next year the detail is being worked on as we speak by his trusty sidekick Sheila Lowe.

Hang on don’t get excited! Alfs idea of a ‘giveaway’ follows the pattern of earlier budgets and earlier Treasury Ministers in that he takes from the less well off to ‘giveaway’ a wedge of public money and tax breaks to the Chamber of Commerce and business community generally.

Yes – You heard it hear first! Nothing whatsoever is going to change and indeed the pattern of these budgets is the same be they in the UK, Ireland or the Isle of Man. Coincidentally in Ireland (26 Counties) they have just had their budget which as usual as benefited those with most at the expense of those with least.

It will be exactly the same here. Alf kicks of his ‘road shows’ this week where you get to ‘have your say’ but in actual fact Alf and his cohorts including Chamber of Commerce political bagman Bill Shimmins MHK are not going to be listening.

Alfs budget last year left the ‘ hoi polloi’ worse of and this year the great illusionist will do it again. Alex Allinson MHK is all ready to roll out the next phase of stealth charges which will ultimately be like a fiscal stiletto to your wallet. Meanwhile Skelly fresh from the disaster that was the Economic Development Fund is working on a new business giveaway package. It is sure to be as big a ‘success’ as the EDF and best of all it uses your money – suckers!

Alf Cannan of course back in the days when Eddie Teare MHK had the keys to the Treasury was one of Eddie’s most vehement critics but inherent hypocrite that Alf is now he’s been placed in a position to do something to tackle injustice and inequality he’s…making things worse

So look forward to the give away budget and take careful note of who it is given to!

Image: Treasury Minister Alf Cannan MHK: ‘Read my lips – Nothing is going to change!’

Bernard Moffatt

Mannin Branch Celtic League

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