• March 27, 2010

An expansion of Gaelic education provision has been agreed by Councillors in Inverness.

The new facility will involve the extension of existing Gaelic primary education facilities in the city’s Sir Walter Scott Drive.

New classrooms and school office accomodation will be provided to complement the existing facilities.

The Chairman of Comann nam Pàrant welcomed the news saying:

“It was always envisaged there would be an extension and it’s come even sooner than anticipated by the council.

“We, as parents, always knew the numbers would rise very quickly as was shown in past examples in the Gaelic school in Glasgow and in similar education in Ireland and Wales.”

He went on:

“Bilingual and multilingual education is a huge success story and this is an example of it. The next phase is to get ourselves the pre-school wrap-around childcare centre built beside the school.”

In addition the news has been welcomed by Bòrd na Gàidhlig. Their spokesman Hugh Dan MacLennan described the news as one of the council’s education success stories. He said it was:

“Not just a Gaelic success story. It’s a flagship project as far as the council and Gaelic education are concerned.

“We’re delighted with that progress and we look forward to the school going from strength to strength. It’s growing probably more rapidly than anyone would have envisaged, which is great news.”

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