• October 1, 2021

As the Isle of Man government ‘welcomed’ a new Lt Governor this week the President of Mec Vannin the Manx Nationalist Party said that the Islands political leadership were demonstrating political immaturity by effectively attending a colonial ceremony ‘on their hands and knees’ at Castle Rushen (audio clip in the attached Manx Radio report below).

Castle Rushen was the centre historically of military control over the Isle of Man. It was renovated especially for this ceremony indicating the Anglo-Centric drift that has occurred on the IOM in recent years and the West Brit mentality of some of its politicians.


Image: Bernard Moffatt Life President Mec Vannin (front) Mark Kermode Party Chairman (right back). At Hango Hill near Castle Rushen where the patriot Illiam Dhone was executed.

Posted by Alastair Kneale DOI Celtic League (1st October 2021)

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