• November 2, 2011

In his report to the 50th annual general meeting of the Celtic League (Falkirk, Scotland) the Celtic League Convenor, Cathal O Luain, applauded the success of the SNP in recent election and the referendum granting more powers to the Welsh Assembly but he said even after 50 years the Celtic League there is still much for the League to do in future years.

His comprehensive report is set out in full below:

“An Conradh Ceilteach Celtic League

Cruinniú Chinn Bliana AGM

28ú – 30ú Deireadh Fómhair, 2011 Falkirk, ALBA

Tuairisc an Chathaoirligh Convenor’s Report

A chairde,

It is good indeed to be here in Alba, in Falkirk where we have been made most welcome by Angus MacDonald MSP and his SNP colleagues.

This year is a very significant one for the Celtic League as we celebrate our 50th year. To mark this we have included a Public Seminar as part of this AGM and look forward to some interesting presentations and a stimulating Open Forum.

A key part of the Seminar will be the speech on the historic SNP victory and their plans for a referendum on independence. Our events include a Ceilidh and a historical tour so we hope, as at most AGMs, that delegates will return to their own countries with a greater appreciation of the culture, language and political situation in the host country.

We also look back during the seminar, in a presentation to be delivered by General Secretary, Rhisiart Talbot, at the development and activities of the League over fifty years so I will not deal with these here. Rhisiart’s report for the past year covers his work on the campaigns of the League and issues of concern across the Celtic world. He is to be thanked for the commitment and dedication shown. Our thanks go also to the Treasurer who works quietly in the background. Our finances appear still sound but we must review the position in light of decisions to be taken this weekend. Bernard Moffatt, the League’s Director of Information has been as prolific this year as others. Aided by Rhisiart, a wide range of topics have been dealt with
in the press releases issued. An average of over twenty releases per month have been produced in the last year and these are available on the web site itself. They cover many aspects of political developments, social, environmental and language matters and human rights issues in the Celtic countries.

As you will recall the new Celtic League website was launched prior to last year’s AGM. A really significant feature of this new site is that it is multilingual (all Celtic languages, English, French and Spanish) National
branches were asked to take up the challenge of populating the site fully in their national languages. Unfortunately all elements of the site are only fully available in one Celtic language, Irish. While appreciating the demand on people’s time I would appeal to all other branches to get their national languages in place.

A personal effort on my own part was to scan all past issues of Carn. With the help of Rhisiart and AGS Tony Leamon these were put up on the website, so thirty eight years of Carn are now accessible. Two press releases were issued on this, one drawing attention to the special issues and supplements published over the years. Other progress on the site was the putting up by Rhisiart of the Celtic League news archive for the period 1996 to 2001.

The Editor’s report gives the position on Carn. Three good quality issues have been produced in the last
year and the another will issue after this AGM. The Editor’s report this year takes a look back rather then dealing with the different editions in detail We can still do more on shop sales and personal sales. Most branches and libraries/universities canvassed would like Carn to continue in printed form beyond 2012 and we have to address this again at this year’s meeting.

The Branch reports outline activities in the different branches, again rather a variance. There have been changes in Branch secretaries in some branches. We must try to increase membership.

On the general political front across the Celtic nations the key developments in the last year were the SNP victory in Alba and the success of the referendum in Cymru granting more powers to the Welsh Assembly. In Breizh the `We’ll Build Brittany’ list which got some moderate but good results in the elections the previous year launched the Movement Breton de Progress. In Ireland the economic collapse precipitated by the greed of bankers, developers and politicians is being borne by the taxpayers. While there have been some positives with regard to the languages, such as development of Cornish nursery schools, there are many
threats such as that to S4C and to funding for Irish language organisations and implementation of the 20 Year Strategy.

Looking back over our fifty years I think it can with fairness be said that the League and it activities have had a pivotal role in increasing the level of interceltic consciousness and making our struggles better known in our own countries and abroad. There is still no formal forum for interceltic co-operation however and this surely must be the focus for future years.

Cathal Ó Luain, Cathaoirleach, Deireadh Fómhair, 2011”

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The Celtic League has branches in the six Celtic Countries. It works to promote cooperation between these countries and campaigns on a broad range of political, cultural and environmental matters. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors all military activity and focuses on socio-economic issues

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