• December 2, 2015


Just as members of the public ‘cheesed off’ with the Bell governments endless stealth taxes and hikes reach breaking point, following the imposition of the wholly unjustified gas hike, a friendly MHK pop-ups to illustrate that conventional protest is useless!

Jon Joughin MHK who probably uniquely has the weakest democratic mandate of any politician in Western Europe non the less has got to earn his ‘seed corn’ so he’s decided to ask a question in the Keys. He’s going to ask the Post Office Chairman:

“Whether the Isle of Man Post Office will have to pay compensation to Spar for not securing the Ramsey Post counter on time; how much rent Spar is paying for Regent Street Post Office; and whether Spar had to pay for Isle of Man Post Office staff uniforms?2

Now this is a complete waste of time but it does however serve one useful purpose. It reminds the public how much notice this government takes of so called ‘people power’.

Remember there was quite a campaign over the Post Office franchises people circulating petitions and lobbying their MHKS almost like professional lobbyists in the US Senate!

Meanwhile in Ramsey the public were on the street. Not just a few but several hundred giving Allan Bell and any other politician within earshot a wild time.

However several months on after soothing words and promises to listen the government did just what it said it would do in the first place. Goodbye Post Offices!

Joughin digging up this issue is a timely reminder that at the present time the Manx government hold all the cards and they are not going to listen to conventional protests.

You can also forget any idea of getting an alternative message across in the main stream media that well and truly sewn up tight by government. You have to feel sorry for the radio after all if that £800,000 subvention goes so do they! There’s not much chance of anyone rocking the boat there!

No if challenge is to come for this government it will have to come by less conventional protests then the ‘good old Manx’ are used to. Try and make a reasoned case to Allan, Eddie and the crew and they’ll just spit in your eye!
Issued by: The Celtic News



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