• September 3, 2015


Isle of Man Newspapers online site carries a story about the vandalising of the Millennium monument at the ancient Tynwald Site at St Johns and glancing at the headline you would think this is the action of some bored youths until you study the accompanying picture (link):


The Millennium monument is hardly an inspiring work of art but you can say one thing about it and that is it is ‘solid’. Also it has as far as I can recall never attracted controversy its design being fairly ‘neutral’.

It’s clear from the photograph that a major operation has gone on to damage the stone and it hardly seems to be the action of your common or garden ‘car scratching’ Saturday night moron. Plus the location is a bit ‘off-piste’!

Back in 1979 the Millennium celebrations were mildly controversial principally amongst historians and academics who disputed the evidence (check the Wiki entry):

a) For the millennium date
b) For the Viking linkage that was being played up at the time

In addition Nationalists got a bit het up, but not about the Millennium but about being pushed off the front of the Fairfield to allow the associated razzamatazz that occurred that year. In any case nationalists swiftly mounted a counter coup by resurrecting Illiam Dhone that year and holding the commemoration which has been held annually ever since.

Well the historians still argue (or are dead); the brief fantasizing about the Vikings died the death; although it has a slightly lingering presence in the ‘piss-up’ called the Viking Boat Races at Peel.

The nationalists happily gather at Hango Hill and harangue the government of the day as they have for 35 years – so their Millennium spin-off has been positive.

So who hates the Millennium Stone? There is not even anything controversial inscribed on it just the names of the Sheadings (with for some bizarre reason Douglas on the second tier).

Police are appealing for information but given their success over the burglars recently don’t hold your breath.

Unless a cell of ISIS has established itself on the Island this seems set to remain a real Manx Mystery!

Link: The Stone as installed:



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