• February 7, 2016


I was pleased to see Phil Gawne (DOI Minister) outlining what he hopes will be a progress agenda in relation to additional autonomy and ultimately full independence for Mann.

I had a lengthy meeting with Phil in January (15th) at which we discussed this and although as a member (and President) of Mec Vannin position I hold to the ‘ultimate objective’ and always have, it was refreshing that a positive and meaningful agenda aimed at achieving greater power and ultimately full sovereignty for Mann is being mooted.

Anyone that’s thinks this is Phil Gawne ‘flying a kite’ should disavow themselves of that fact because I also in the same week had a meeting with another member of COMIN who had the same gradualist views.

I believe indeed that is what Phil and his colleague were outlining ‘a gradualist approach’ and whilst (as indicated above) I still subscribe, as I have for fifty years, to the ‘ultimatist’ agenda it is positive that what I would term a progressive stance is being adopted.

I certainly hope that all shades of nationalist opinion and others should be able to work together because it’s in everyone interests to advance Mann to greater (and ultimately) full independence.

Some of what Gawne said may be lost in translation but I hope one factor he did highlight is not missed. He indicated that States in what I will term a ‘post dependency or colonial phase’ invariably get an economic boost to their economy. Whilst one’s desire for independence should not be based on the economic bottom line if as he asserts the health of the Isle of Man and its ability to plough a realistic course in sometimes turbulent economic times would be enhanced by autonomy then we should at least allow the public to weigh up the options.

The other thing he highlighted which may have been missed is that this last administration seems to have eschewed a ‘progress agenda’ unlike those in preceding decades since the fiscal changes of the 1960s.

The United Kingdom has shown first with the reciprocal heath arrangements and the VAT renegotiation that it regards the dependencies as an encumbrance indeed at time almost a nuisance politically. Those who delude themselves that the UK with somehow ‘swim to the rescue’ of the Isle of Man are living a fantasy.

Quite frankly as a nationalist I personally welcome the debate he calls for. The Isle of Man has ossified for to long.

Attached two lengthy video interviews with Phil Gawne (the 2nd a continuation of the first interview):



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