Na Tíortha CeilteachaThe Celtic League is an inter Celtic organisation that campaigns for the political, language, cultural and social rights of the Celtic nations. It does this across a broad range of issues. It highlights human rights abuse, monitors military activity and focuses on political, socio-economic, environmental, language and cultural issues, which generally or specifically affect one or more of the Celtic countries in some way. The organisation also aims to further each of the Celtic nations right to independence and to promote the benefits of inter Celtic cooperation. Additionally, the League draws attention to matters that we believe bear a wider concern for the peoples of the Celtic countries.

Our work is achieved through the activities of our organisation at branch and central level, the publication of a high quality quarterly magazine, CARN and a regular Celtic League news service.

Supporters of the League’s aims and objectives can get involved with the work of the organisation by becoming full members of the Celtic League, which is open to all and entitles you to a free subscription to CARN. Alternatively supporters can keep in touch with developments within the organisation by subscribing to CARN and/or subscribing to our free internet news service and/or by becoming part of our online community at one of the links below:

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