• January 28, 2020

News from Mannin Branch Celtic League:

We reported back in August about Isabel dos Santos she’s a nice wealthy lady from Angola who had invested in property in London using Manx business connections.

Many Angolans struggle on subsistence earnings as the country tries to shake of the legacies of decades of colonial exploitation and Civil War,.

The country is a wealthy country in terms of resources and there should be enough income generated to ensure all its people benefit. However to date a wealthy elite seem to have been the only ones benefiting and Isabel (she won’t mind us calling her that) is the one who seems to have done very nicely

Now she is in the news again and – guess what – so is the Isle of Man it gives a whole new meaning to the words ‘Out of Africa’.


Dos Santos isn’t the first influential figure from South Central Africa to be involved in a multi million Manx connection there was a similar episodes involving Malawi some time ago and of course further back when Africa was riven by wars we had companies cheerfully exporting arms and using brass plates in the Isle of Man.

Manx politicians are every bit as rotten as some they’ve had on the African continent. They happily trumpet a few million pounds of aid while down in our ‘golden mile’ the business of ripping off Africa and its people is in full swing.

The Celtic League has been exposing this for four decades now it seems little changes!

Image: ‘Luanda leaks’ – Inset pic from one of our reports in August 2019

Bernard Moffatt

Celtic League (20 January 2020)

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