• September 27, 2017

News from the Irish Branch of the Celtic League:

Members of the Irish branch of the Celtic League took part in a demonstration in Dublin at the weekend in support of the right to self determination in Catalonia. A referendum is planned for October 1st in Catalonia however Spanish authorities have been using the paramilitary Civil Guard to try and disrupt the poll. The Secretary of the Irish branch of the Celtic League, Caoimhín Ó Cadhla, addressed a crowd of protesters demonstrating in support of Catalonian rights to self determination at the weekend. He is pictured speaking to the crowd outside the GPO building in Dublin which is itself an iconic symbol of Ireland’s fight for freedom.

A broad range of National political bodies across Europe have identified with the Catalan struggle and that support is being stepped up as the extent of Spanish repression and intimidation in the Catalan country becomes better publicised. The General Council of the Celtic League, which is a UN accredited NGO, has approved the deployment of an observer to the area and he will be in place observing the referendum in Barcelona on polling day.

Images: Irish branch members including the Celtic League Convenor Cathal O luain at the recent demonstration.

Issued by Alastair Kneale (DOI Celtic League)


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