League Cause for Concern Ahead of Possible Announcement

May 31, 2014

News from Celtic League It is with grave concern that the Celtic League has learned about French Government plans to further annex the nation of Breizh (Brittany) with areas of the French state, with complete disregard for the Breton people and their territory.

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European and Local Election Results – well almost!

May 28, 2014

News from Celtic League The results for the European elections have (almost) been counted in the Celtic countries and the progressive and democratic nationalist parties who stood in the elections have done well in terms of numbers of votes gained and representatives elected.

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Irish Branch Supports Yes In Scottish Referendum: Meeting in Dublin and Belfast

May 14, 2014

News from Celtic League As the campaign for Scottish Independence progresses and the referendum debate moves up a notch the latest polls show that the YES side is fast closing the gap. As the campaign accelerates we feel sure that on the day

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Call for MP to Review her Opinion

May 6, 2014

News from Celtic League The Kernow Branch Secretary of the Celtic League has written to a UK Member of Parliament (MP) asking them to review their position about an annual Cornish festival, which they deemed to be racist. Diane Abbott MP, who was

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Sunday Herald – First Scottish newspaper to support independence

May 4, 2014

News from Celtic League The Sunday Herald is the first Scottish newspaper to openly support a yes vote in the forthcoming Scottish independence referendum on 18th September 2014. With an editorial title today (4th May 2014) of ‘The prize is a better country.

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Welsh Language Prejudice Continues

May 3, 2014

News from Celtic League A Welsh speaking mother was told by a hospital doctor in Wales not to speak to her daughter in Welsh – her native language. The mother had taken her daughter to the emergency services at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd,  Bodelwyddan

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