• January 5, 2011

 The National Commemoration for the Manx patriot Illiam Dhone will take place on 2nd January 2011 at Hango Hill, Castletown.

The speakers this year will be Mark Kermode of Mec Vannin who will also open proceedings and deliver the oration in Manx.

The English oration will be delivered by Phillip Gawne and the ceremony will conclude with the laying of a wreath at the spot on Hango Hill where Illiam Dhone (William Christian) was executed.

The event at Hango Hill is organised by Mec Vannin and the Manx branch of the Celtic League and the ceremony at the Hill was first held (as a singular event) in 1963. The annual commemoration commenced in 1979 and speakers at the proceedings have generally delivered an overview of contemporary Nationalist political and cultural views.

The speeches delivered at the Hill are generally also published (and distributed on the day) in the Nationalist free sheet Yn Pabyr Seyr.

J B Moffatt (Mr)
Director of Information
Celtic League


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